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Conquering Poverty, Creating Opportunities. The Ubulu-Uku Experience. Kardinia Hope Foundation

The dream was to transform them from a village school in Ubulu-Uku village to an International school, where they can make better use of their academic prowess. Poverty shall no more be a hindrance to these one. they are the trees we plant today, for tomorrow's shades.

That Dream is now a Reality. #creatingopportunities

I will like to thank the owners and management of Perfecta Montessori Schools Asaba & MasterCare International School Asaba for their noble and benevolent support and scholarship. #PerfectaSchool #MastercareSchool

Many thanks to the great UPSEA Team, our Support Workers, Managers and Team Leaders.

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds". Francis Bacon.

My name is Emeka Victor Okwudishu and I am passionate about creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged Children. #kardiniahopefoundation #DreamsComeTrue #HopeMerchants #positivechange #HopeAgents #GlobalGoodwillAmbassadors #GGA

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