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Ubulu-Uku Primary School Excellence Award
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UPSEA is an Annual merit-based Award event aimed at promoting, motivating and supporting knowledge and academic excellence
The Ubulu-Uku Primary School Excellence Award (UPSEA) is an award that is designed to reignite healthy academic competition among students in the public primary schools in Ubulu-Uku community in Nigeria.
The Award is organized by Kardinia Hope Foundation| Ubulu-Uku Teachers Association | Ubulu-Uku Youth Development Council

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Participating Schools

1. Enugu-Iyi Pry School
2. Ogbeani Primary School 
3. Idegwu Primary School 
4. Isho Primary School 
5. Anifekedi Primary School
6. Ubulu Primary School 
7. Abuedo Primary School 
8. Iloakwu Primary School 
9. Nwanoli Primary School 
10. Ijedimka Primary School Aniagbala
11. Day Care Centre School

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