THE WIDOWS PROJECT.....Ubulu Widows.

The Widows Empowerment Program was set up to identify and assist less- privileged Widows in our local communities with economic and social empowerment initiatives. 

The initiative was created by Emeka Victor Okwudishu in the year 2001 in Ubulu-Uku, a rural community in Delta State, Nigeria. 

As a support group, the program has assisted Widows in Ubulu-Uku with the creation of a Thrift Society, which disburses interest free loans to members.

The Group has also received training's on Time Management, Diet Control, Civic Responsibilities and Home Management. 

The Group meets once a fortnight to revive and awaken their spiritual life with special prayers and praises to God. This worship session is administered by the Rev. Mogekwu, a community Christian Administrator. 

In 2016, the group was invited to the United Nations Women Conference (C.S.W 2016) in New York, USA. In collaboration with ( World Mission Foundation & Shammar Education Foundation) the group launched their first branded commodity into the international market "Widows-Weave".

#Widows-Weave is a unique fabric made wholly by the Widows of Ubulu-Uku. It symbolizes their unique culture. The fabric also known as (Akwa-Ocha) is a carefully crafted and woven art piece. it dates back to ancient times and was worn solely by Kings and Queens. 

The successful launch of Widows-Weave (Akwa-ocha) has led to a renewed effort at promoting and producing the special fabric, this has resulted in economic empowerment of the women who engage in the production. it has also preserved the ancient art from extinction as younger ladies are presently engaged in the learning process of production.

My goals are to rediscover our lost heritage and promote cultural practices that empowers our women economically and socially. . . Emeka Victor Okwudishu.

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