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Good Night Sir.

Some years ago, we both bided for a piece of land, your offer was greater than mine but I eventually won the bid and purchased the land. Three years later, construction commenced on the land and you stopped by to say hello, after exchanging pleasantries, you went on to ask.

Doctor: Emeka, how did you succeed in getting this land after I offered almost twice your purchase amount?

Me: Doctor Sir, maybe the seller was more interested in the vision behind the purchase.

Doctor: Emeka, what vision are you talking about, are you not building a hotel?

Me: No Doctor, I am building a school for every disadvantaged child in Ubulu-Uku, centre children can access freely and receive a quality education without having to pay a kobo.

Doctor:  laughing, Emeka, are you serious?

Me: Yes Sir, I am very serious, we may start small but I have never been afraid of starting small.

Doctor: Emeka, are you serious about feeding the children every day too?

Me: Yes Doctor, every child that comes to our school is entitled to a free and nutritious meal every day.

Doctor: Wonderful, may God bless your idea.

Me: Thank you, Sir.

Fast Forward- Four months after. Telephone Conversation:

Me: Hello Sir, Good Morning Doctor.

Doctor: My Dear Emeka, Good Morning to you or Good Night, it must be night-time over there.

Me: True Sir, its night time here. How is the family Sir?

Doctor: We are doing good Emeka. Now, let me be brief, I passed that land and saw the good work you initiated, I saw children playing and reading in a serene environment. Now, I understand why you got that land. But, I want to be part of the story, henceforth I will be supporting with free medical services to every child in the school. I hope you will accept my offer?

Me: Doctor, Thank you, Sir.

And that was how we introduced free medical services to Kardinia Hope Foundation School.

Doctor Sam Bielonwu supervised the free medical services himself.

Sadly, I woke up today to hear that my dear Doctor has travelled to the beyond.

Now, you are gone, how do we continue the free medical services for our children

May your passage be a smooth one.

I am pained but consoled with the priceless time you shared with our vision before your journey to the beyond.

Master, Sir, Doctor and Friend.

The Children & I will miss you.

Adieu Doctor Sam Bielonwu

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